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Fluke Transportation Group is a transportation, warehousing and distribution specialist that is dedicated to your business. Fluke Transportation Group offers complete logistics solutions with seamless integration into your supply chain and distribution network.


Since 1920, the Fluke Transportation Group has provided Southern Ontario with shipping services. Since its establishment, Fluke has enjoyed tremendous growth and has successfully established a product and service range to fully provide an outsourced solution to warehouse and transportation logistics.


Fluke Transportation now provides freight movement and warehousing services to all cities, towns and regional centres in Ontario. Fluke has expanded its range of truckload services through to Quebec, the Maritime Provinces and Western Canada. The reliability of Fluke’s same day and next day services are well recognized throughout their regions of operation.


Fluke’s goal is to offer logistic solutions by providing the entire transportation and warehouse chain using specialized staff to offer the most cost effective
methods available, while retaining quality of service.

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Fluke Transportation Group looks forward to the future and will welcome any
to assist their clients in the growth and development of their business.

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