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At Fluke Transportation Group, we are proud to showcase
our efforts towards sustainability. We are recognized by Natural
Resource Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency as a SmartWay®
Transport Partner. This partnership demonstrates our commitment
to reducing our carbon footprint and greening the supply chain.  

With a company emphasis on driver training programs and incentives,
and using state of the art equipment, we ensure low emissions and
minimal idling times across our fleet. 
At Fluke, we are aware and
making strides towards a sustainable future. We continue to search
for and make improvements to our green initiatives. 

Fluke Transportation Group Sustainability Program: 

Carbon Unit Retirements:

  • Beneficial Owner: Fluke Transportation Group
    Retirement reason details: Environmental Benefit; Offsetting 266,400 Litres of Diesel (696 VCU) for program Life-to-Date May 31, 2024. 

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